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Alloy Wheels

The new Alloy Wheel Showroom is now officially open and the full range of Team Dynamics and BK Racing wheels are on display. Other branded alloy wheel and tyre packages are also available to purchase.

Wheel Size

Two measurements, the Rim Diameter and the Rim Width, normally determine the wheel size. This is best explained with reference to the diagram shown on the right. The cross section of wheel shows both the rim thickness and the height or diameter of the circle. In terms of your wheel, for example 18x8 equals 18" diameter and 8" wide.

The 'Offset' of a wheel measures the distance between the wheel centreline and the wheel mounting face and is measured in millimetres. It is extremely important that wheels of the correct offset are used in order to maintain the correct track of the vehicles. Offset can be Positive or Negative and is best illustrated in the two diagrams on the left. Most Modern vehicles are front-wheel drive, and as such generally require positive offset wheels. The main exception to this rule is 4x4 vehicles, which often use negative offset wheels.


It is of course, extremely important that the clearance of both the vehicle body work and steering/suspension components are maintained. Failure to do so would most likely cause damage to both the tyre/wheel assembly as well as the body of the vehicles. Clearance is achieved by selecting a wheel of the correct size and type of tyre. Quality alloy wheel suppliers can give such information. Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)The P.C.D. can be defined as the diameter (in millimetres) of an imaginary circle drawn through the centre of the stud holes on the wheel and/or the vehicle wheel hub. When new wheels are required, it is essential that they have the correct P.C.D. for the vehicle concerned.

Wheel Location on Hub.

Motor vehicle manufacturers use a central location collar on the stub axle hub in order to accurately locate the wheel. The wheel collar diameter varies, depending on the make of vehicle. Many replacement allow wheel manufacturers use an adapter (spigot ring) to vary the diameter of the locating hole. In this way, a particular wheel can, by changing the spigot ring, be used on a variety of vehicles. The adapter/spigot ring arrangement is illustrated in the diagrams to the left. As an example, TSW Spigot rings should always be fitted without he tapered edge facing the vehicle hub. This is to allow easy and accurate location of the ring onto the hub collar.

Contact Details

If you would like to view a large array of tyres or alloy wheels in Stourbridge, please contact us on: 01384 401 656 or you can email us using the 'Contact Us' of this website. We look forward to providing you with affordable car tyres in Dudley and beyond.

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